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Meet Marshal
This is marshal

The picture above is only an artist impression of Marshal. Marshal has been spotted many times but seems to be able to change appearance!

What to do if you spot Marshal

It is best not to sneak up on or hide from Marshal. It is advised to stay in Marshal's view at all times. Approach Marshal with a smile. talk and listen to Marshal, you will find Marshal is a friendly creature! Please do not act in any way which may scare Marshal off.

What is a Marshal?

A marshal is the well spotted creature of the Forest Rally wearing the yellow/orange vest.  Marshals are the most important people at a rally! There may be high profile drivers, celebrities etc but without the marshals the event would not run.

What is the role of a Marshal?

The main role for a marshal is safety. Safety for competitors, safety for the rally spectators and safety for their fellow marshals. There are some specific roles for marshals. Spectator control, timing and controls, junction marshals. There are also marshals roles out of the stages. Marshals are required to help at starts/finishes, service areas and passage controls.

Who can be a marshal?

The quick answer is you! Anyone can be a marshal. No experience is required and the best way to learn is from other experienced marshals who you would be teamed up with. If you are under 18 you can still marshal but a parent/guardian requires to be with you.

Marshal Facts
some facts you may not know!
  • The yellow/orange vests worn by marshals are for identification and safety. It is not a fashion statement.
  • it is not compulsory for a marshal to have a name like 'Norman' or to have a moustache or to be interested in spotting things in their spare time! (no offence meant to any train spotters called Norman!)
  • Marshals do require to be weatherproof
Interested in Marshalling?

We do require a lot of Marshals to help run the Colin McRae Forest Stages safely. We can never have too many!

If you are interested please contact our chief Marshal - Graeme Sheridan on the email below.  Please include in the email your own contact details and if you have any experience or not.